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1 Year Course



1st Payment




No. Months


Day & time

Thursdays – 11.30am

Course details

  • 1 weekly 45 minute live lesson

  • 1 home study task with detailed feedback


Introduction to Business

Understanding the concept of business.

  • Different types of businesses: sole traders, partnerships, corporations.

  • Roles and responsibilities within a business.

  • Basic understanding of business operations, including production, marketing, finance, and human resources.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

What is an entrepreneur? Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

  • Creativity and innovation in business.

  • Identifying opportunities and assessing risks.

  • Introduction to business planning and setting up a small business.

Marketing Fundamentals

Understanding the marketing concept.

  • Market research: why it is important and different methods.

  • The marketing mix (4Ps): product, price, place, promotion.

  • Branding and advertising basics.

  • Introduction to digital marketing and social media.

Finance Basics

Introduction to financial documents: income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement.

  • Understanding revenue, costs, profit, and loss.

  • Budgeting basics: why businesses budget and how it's done.

  • Introduction to personal finance: budgeting, saving, and managing money.

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Understanding ethics in business.

  • The importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

  • Ethical dilemmas in business decision making.

  • Sustainability and environmental considerations in business.

Globalization and International Business

What is globalization and its impact on businesses.

  • Opportunities and challenges of international trade.

  • Cultural considerations in international business.

  • Multinational corporations and their role in the global economy.

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