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iGCSE 2yr




2 Year Course



1st Payment




No. Months


Day & time

Wednesdays – 11.30am
Fridays – 10.30am

Course details

  • 2 weekly 45 minute live lessons

  • Set home study tasks

  • 1 weekly assessed piece with extensive and detailed feedback

  • Mock examinations in January and April



In this unit, you will delve into the fascinating processes that shape distinctive coastal landforms. Additionally, you will examine the challenges confronting coastal ecosystems and explore detailed case studies of coastal management strategies implemented in both developed and developing/emerging countries.

Hazardous Environments 

In this unit, you will explore the distinctive traits and distribution patterns of various natural hazards. You will delve into the ways in which these hazards are measured and their impact on society. Additionally, you will examine detailed case studies that illustrate the management of earthquakes in both developed and developing/emerging countries.

Urban Environments 

In this unit, you will delve into the fascinating realm of urban environments, exploring their diverse trends, characteristics, and associated challenges. You will discover the unique difficulties facing contrasting urban landscapes and examine detailed case studies of both developed and developing/emerging countries, gaining a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of urban life.

Economic Activity and Energy

In this unit, you will explore the dynamic fluctuations of economic activity across different time scales and geographic locations. The primary focus will be on examining the intricate correlation between population and resources, with an emphasis on completing detailed case studies on energy resource management in both developed and developing countries.

Development and Human Welfare 

In this unit, you will explore a comprehensive overview of development and human welfare, including definitions, measurement techniques, and global development patterns. Delving deeper, you will also investigate the impact of disparities in development on individuals and societies. Additionally, you will examine a range of strategies that can be employed to address uneven levels of development and promote greater human welfare.


  • Revision of all components of Edexcel iGCSE Geography Papers 1 & 2

  • Past Papers

  • Mock Exam

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