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1 Year Course



1st Payment




No. Months


Day & time

Wednesdays – 1pm

Course details

  • 1 weekly 45 minute live lesson

  • 1 home study task with detailed feedback



In this unit, you will explore the intricacies of the global hydrological cycle, including drainage basins. You will delve into the physical processes that shape unique river landforms and examine detailed case studies of river management in both developed and developing  countries.

Rural Environments 

Throughout this unit, you will explore the distribution and distinct characteristics of rural environments, as well as human activities that take place within them. Additionally, you will examine the various changes that occur in contrasting rural environments and dive into detailed case studies of rural environments in both developed and developing/emerging countries.

Globalisation and Migration 

Throughout this unit, you will gain insights into the dynamics of globalisation, including its defining characteristics and growth patterns. We'll delve into the roles played by global institutions and transnational corporations in shaping the global economy. Additionally, we'll examine the diverse impacts that globalisation has on societies and cultures around the world, with a particular focus on migration and tourism. Finally, we'll explore different strategies for managing these impacts sustainably, so that we can promote a more equitable and just global community.

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