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Geography – Wednesdays 10.30am


Course Overview

Course – Geography Level – Entry KS3 (11-13 year olds) Day & Time – Wednesdays 10.30 am Overview – 1 weekly 45 minute live lesson (Google Classroom) – 1 home study task with detailed feedback ————————————— Topics – Tectonic Hazards This course will introduce the fascinating and sometimes terrifying world of tectonic activity, which shapes our planet in countless ways. – Map Skills This course is designed to introduce the essential concepts and techniques of map reading and interpretation. – Weather and Climate In this course, we will be exploring the fascinating world of weather and climate. – Extreme Environments In this course, we will explore some of the most challenging and fascinating environments on our planet, including deserts, mountains and polar regions. – Population Population is a fundamental concept in the study of geography. It refers to the total number of people living in a particular geographic area at a given time. This course will involve understanding the distribution, characteristics, and changes in human population across different regions of the world. – China In this course, we will be exploring the rich and fascinating history, culture, geography, and society of this vast and diverse country.


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