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Course – Maths (Spec A Higher) Level – iGCSE (14-16 year olds) Days & Times – Thursdays 11.30 am – Fridays 11.30 am Overview – Aimed at students wishing to achieve grade 6 or above – 2 weekly 45 minute live lessons (Google Classroom) – Set home study tasks – 1 weekly assessed piece with extensive and detailed feedback – Mock examinations in January and April ————————————— Topics Number – Use numerical skills in a purely mathematical way and in real-life situations. Algebra – Use letters as equivalent to numbers and as variables. – Understand the distinction between expressions, equations and formulae. – Use algebra to set up and solve problems. – Demonstrate manipulative skills. – Construct and use graphs. Geometry – Use properties of angles. – Understand a range of transformations. – Work within the metric system. – Understand ideas of space and shape. – Use ruler, compasses and protractor appropriately. Statistics – Understand basic ideas of statistical averages. – Use a range of statistical techniques. – Use basic ideas of probability. Mathematical Reasoning – Making deductions and drawing conclusions from mathematical information – Constructing chains of reasoning – Presenting arguments and proofs – Interpreting and communicating information accurately


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