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Maths – Thursdays 9.30am


Course Overview

Course – Maths Level – Pre-GCSE (13-14 year olds) Day & Time – Thursdays 9.30 am Overview – 1 weekly 45 minute live lesson (Google Classroom) – 1 weekly home study task with detailed feedback ————————————— Topics – Graphs Learning how to construct and use graphs. – Ratio, Proportion and rates of change Boosting confidence in the key skills required on ratio, proportion and rates of change. – Geometry and Measures This course aims to broaden students' understanding of some of the key skills required to succeed in geometry and measures. – Probability and Statistics Exploring the chances of an event happening, how to analyse data and how to represent data in a diagram. – Number Boost your confidence in using numerical skills in a mathematical way learning how to use and apply these skills in a real life context. – Algebra Study of the essential algebra skills required to help succeed at iGCSE. We will also look at how to use and apply these skills in a problem solving context.


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