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Hello, my name is Sam, and I am a fully qualified English teacher. I have taught for over 15 years and my passion for literature and the way we communicate has never faltered. I love being able to enthuse my students with same delight for the English language and great works that I have spent years studying. It is wonderful to see how learners grasp meaning and appreciation of texts, which in turn lead them to become proficient writers themselves.

I am an approachable person who can easily develop a great rapport with young people. I feel having a mutual respect and understanding of each other provides a solid basis on which to learn. My delivery is upbeat yet calm, and flexible to alter to the pace of the student. I like to tailor the lesson to the needs of the student and thus resources are varied and interactive. I like to make effective use of models so that a student knows how to approach the task and can ‘see’ the expected outcome.

I have practised as a GCSE examiner for AQA in the past and ensure that my knowledge of the existing curriculum and assessment objectives are always current. In this way I feel that my understanding of the board’s requirements are clearly communicated to the student.

I am a diligent person who always has the student’s learning needs at the heart of my lessons. They are thoroughly prepared and ‘road-tested’ so that my teaching is delivered with confidence and assurance.

Qualifications include: BA Hons English and PGCE Secondary English

Sam Oram

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