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Hi, I’m Aimee, a fully qualified Geography teacher.  I teach KS3, pre-GCSE and iGCSE courses in Geography.

I have always been fascinated by the world around me, and my passion for understanding the way our planet works led me to pursue a career in Geography. I have now been working in Education for over a decade, and I still find it incredibly rewarding to see my students engage with the subject and develop their own understanding of the world.


My teaching style is very interactive, and I like to use a variety of resources and techniques to engage my students. Whether we are exploring the impact of climate change on different regions of the world, or discussing the causes and consequences of natural disasters, I always try to bring the subject to life and make it relevant to my students.I have a particular interest in teaching young people with additional needs and work hard to make sure that all my lessons are accessible and engaging to everyone.

As well as teaching, I also work as an A-level examiner, this ensures that my curriculum knowledge is always up to date and I can ensure that my students are confident in exam technique as well as their Geography knowledge. 


Overall, I am passionate about Geography and am committed to helping my students develop a love for the subject too. I believe that Geography has the power to help us better understand the world we live in, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share that knowledge with others.


Qualifications include

BSc Hons Geography and PGCE Secondary Geography

Aimee Cooper


Aimee Cooper
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