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Hi, I’m Alex, a fully qualified Science and Psychology teacher.  I teach KS3, pre-GCSE and iGCSE courses in Science and Psychology.

It truly is a privilege to teach and support all students to reach their full potential. I have 11 years of experience teaching Science and Psychology, which has cemented my firm belief that any child can achieve anything.

I pride myself on my ability to quickly develop productive, positive rapport with students and parents. I most recently was an Assistant Headteacher (Assistant Principal) in a Secondary School. I am a human-first, optimistic and motivational educator with impactful energy. I always provide useful feedback and plenty of exam practice with exam techniques to help secure as many marks as possible.

I enjoy creating challenging, fun, engaging and impactful educational content to help students develop and foster their love of learning. I always provide personalised and challenging learning to cater to all needs and help students achieve their best. Positive reinforcement and plenty of memory retrieval activities will feature in all my lessons. I have a lot of experience effectively empowering students with additional learning needs (SEND) and those who speak English as an additional language (EAL) to succeed.

Let's start this journey of success together.

Qualifications include

BA Hons History of Science and PGCE Secondary Science.

Alex Brown


Alex Brown
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