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How long are courses?
We offer year-long Entry KS3, pre-GCSE and iGCSE courses.


How long are live lessons?
45 mins.


How are lessons taught?

Online lessons are taught via Google Classroom and Meet. There is no obligation to leave your camera on and microphones will be muted until the opportunity for discussion arises. Students will have the opportunity to practise skills after the lesson within home-based study tasks, which can be submitted to teachers for feedback.


What if I miss a lesson?
Lesson resources are uploaded on the Google Classroom after the lesson takes place. Please note - We do not record live lessons due to student safeguarding and protection rights.


What subjects do you teach?

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Combined Science

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Biology

  • Maths

  • History

  • Geography


What are your qualifications?
All OH-SO ED teachers have:

  • A Post Graduate Certification in their secondary subject specialism

  • 10 years or more experience of teaching in UK schools and online

  • Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ status

  • Some teachers are Edexcel Examiners


Do you have an up-to-date DBS certificate?
Yes, we are required by law to have an up-to-date DBS certificate if working with young people.


Do you assess work?
Yes. Every course comes with weekly home study tasks, which are given detailed weekly feedback. We also provide opportunities to complete mock exams within GCSE courses.


Do you provide extra 1:1 help?
We offer 1:1 lessons in Maths and English. Do refer to our Teachers and Prices pages for more information. If you have a 1:1 query, we would ask you to email us using the Contact page in the first instance. 


Can we have a trial lesson?
Yes. All group lessons can be trialled in a free taster. There is a link to book these on our homepage.


Courses are paid for upfront. Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds for lessons missed. This is due to the planning commitments of our teachers. In the event of a missed lesson, students can access resources from the lesson on the Google Classroom. If you would like to withdraw from the course, we would ask you to email us before cancelling a payment. Once a course has started, that place cannot be given to another student, so we would ask you to consider this before booking.


Do you set homework?
We set weekly ‘Home study Tasks’. These are tasks set by the teacher, providing an opportunity to practise skills learned in the lesson. These are uploaded on the google classroom, where teachers mark the work. Detailed feedback is given with targets for improvement. At GCSE these will be required tasks, however, it is the responsibility of the parent and student to ensure that work is completed. OH-SO ED teachers will not chase home study tasks if not submitted.


Do you book exams?
Unfortunately we cannot book exams. We are a partner with Tutors & Exams, who will guide you through this process. They have centres all over the UK and will discuss any access requirements with you. OH-SO ED parents will receive a discount upon booking with them.

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