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Hi, I’m Alison, a fully qualified secondary Religion and Philosophy specialist. I teach KS3, pre-GCSE and iGCSE courses in Religion and Philosophy.

I have been teaching secondary Religion and Philosophy for over 20 years. As a seasoned examiner for both GCSE and A Level, and a dedicated mentor in training fellow educators, my expertise extends beyond the traditional classroom setting. Currently, I have the pleasure of nurturing the inquisitive minds of home-educated learners, weaving the tapestry of knowledge with mindfulness and well-being at its core.

I love the big questions of life and invite you to embark on an intellectual journey that transcends time and sparks the very essence of human existence! Delve into the heart of existence with questions that echo through the corridors of eternity: What is the meaning of life? Can we fathom the universe's purpose? Explore the tantalising prospect of life after death and ponder the dream of global harmony. In this engaging learning environment, we ponder true happiness and grapple with the profound act of forgiveness.

My lessons are immersive experiences designed to ignite debates, inspire discussions, foster quiet contemplation, and cultivate empathy. Through diverse teaching methods, I embrace inclusivity, inviting students to join a community that thrives on exploring the connections between religion, philosophy, and ethics.

Every question is a gateway to understanding and an opportunity for personal and collective growth. Join me in unravelling the threads of wisdom that bind humanity across cultures and ages!


Qualifications include

BA Hons Comparative Religion, PGCE Secondary Religious Studies.

Alison McMillan


Alison McMillan
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