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I am a Mathematics GCSE specialist with teaching experience providing A level and Additional/Further Maths content. I began my teaching career in 2009 and have been teaching in and out of schools ever since.

I left my previous school in December 2015 to become a full time mum. Since then I have worked with students with a range of abilities and successfully helped students reach their target grade for GCSE. I returned to teaching part-time in a school during 2019/2020 and gained additional experience to keep up to date with the new GCSE curriculum. I have now decided to focus on tutoring as a career path alongside raising my three children.

Since deciding to focus on tutoring as my chosen career, I have worked in my local area in the evenings and weekends. To support these students during the Covid-19 pandemic I also delivered lessons online with great success. I only teach on a one-to-one basis and therefore specialise in a flexible and individually tailored approach for each student. I plan and respond to each student’s needs on a weekly basis but always with our long term goal in mind.

I work alongside schools or home-educated students to support the curriculum being delivered. I believe each student should be supported taking into account their own unique and individual needs. I love maths and I am truly passionate about my subject and I am confident in providing the skills needed to pass exams. I have experience working with students across a range of exam boards both in school and tutoring.

Qualifications include

BSc Mathematics, PGCE Secondary Mathematics

Anna Siddall


Anna Siddall
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