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Hi, I’m Jade, a fully qualified secondary Business specialist. I teach KS3, pre-GCSE and iGCSE courses in Business. 

I have been a Business teacher for over 11 years, and I was Head of Business and Economics for 7 years. During this time my department was rated Ofsted outstanding. Throughout my secondary education career I taught students from Year 7 through to Year 13. I began my career as a History teacher, but then quickly developed a love of Business, and changed my specialism from there! The main bulk of my teaching career was guiding students through their GCSE and A-Level Business exams, achieving yearly excellent results. 

I am incredibly passionate about my subject – Business is the most valuable and current subject that a student can study! Although I loved my mainstream teaching career, I was ready to branch into something new. My favourite part of the job is building relationships with students, and I enjoy how small group online teaching allows me to really get to know my students.  

A key focus of my teaching style is mastery. My Business courses and lessons are designed to ensure retention of knowledge by; revisiting content regularly, applied learning, and using topical real-life examples to exemplify what we are learning. I also place a huge focus on exam skills, with weekly skills sessions at GCSE. As an Edexcel Business Examiner, I have access to up-to-date assessment guidance and material as well as extensive knowledge of the exam techniques students will need to use. I provide weekly detailed feedback to my students, and use live marking as a teaching tool in my skills sessions.

Qualifications include

NPQLT in Business and Economics teaching, PGCE Secondary Education, BA Hons History.

Jade Hicks


Jade Hicks
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